Information about Stickle Tarn Lodge, White Cross Bay, Lake Windermere: a self-catering, superior-graded, dog-friendly, family-owned, pine cabin holiday lodge. Sleeps six.

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(A guide to holidays and breaks at Stickle Tarn Lodge, White Cross Bay + YouTube videos)
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Stickle Tarn Lodge is fully equipped to sleep 6 and has been fitted to a luxurious standard with everything you could need for a wonderful self-catering holiday. Dogs are very welcome but will need to comply with site rules (these are not restrictive and can be made available if you make a booking enquiry).
We ourselves have two Collies and love dogs. We will be very happy to supply dog bowls and some special treats if you let us know that you are bringing dogs with you!!
(Note for 'non-dog' guests.) We take great care to clean and sanitise the lodge THOROUGHLY between each booking to ensure it is in pristine condition for each new booking!
WE believe our lodge offers exceptional value for money: WHY?
  1. We ourselves make sure the lodge is always well cared for and kept beautifully clean.
  2. We provide MANY complimentary extras - e.g. liquid soap, biscuits, drinks etc
  3. We don't EVER put up our prices on public holidays (even Easter) to exploit demand
  4. We offer a transparent 'Customer Charter' - including a 'no quible' 50% refund of payment at ANY time after the holiday balance has been settled - even if it's at the very last moment. The truth is that it's not going to happen often, but might occasional be necessary. We understand that problems occur/circumstances change and we want to be as fair as possible.
    We only ever make a small profit, but it's enough for us to retain our lodge in an area of the country we love so very much!!
  5. We do NOT ask for a large cleaning/damage deposit - in fact we don't ask for any at all: we trust you!
  6. Our rates are unsurpassed and scrupulously fair!! (Please let us know if you disagree)
  7. There are NO hidden extras - we make it perfectly clear that guests need to pay White Cross Bay 15.00 for a family leisure pass (entry to the swimming pool and gym for duration of stay).
  8. Here are some of our "star" comments in the scrolling text below (the text will 'roll on' after about 8 seconds)

Short tour of lodge interior (about 3 mins)
View from the balcony - with birdsong (about 30 seconds)

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